Setting Up Your Garage Page

It is free to sign up and create your page! The basic first steps are to get signed up, navigate to your dashboard and start creating. In garage settings upload your header picture and name your garage! Enter your items for sale. You now have your own personalized page to connect within your niche! We are a commission based system and take 7% from the seller upon a sale of items. Buyers will find your items and enter your garage where they will buy from you.

Create a seller account, customize your garage under the “Garage Settings” tab and enter your items. Enter information in General, Payments, Front Page tabs.

My Account

  • Orders – View orders you have purchased.
  • Addresses – Enter your addresses for shipping and billing.
  • Account Details – View your account details, change your password.
  • My Garage – Takes you to the garage page dashboard
  • Payouts – View your sales that have been paid to you thru the site from items you’ve sold from your garage.
  • Terms And Conditions – View the terms and conditions of the site.

My Garage

  • Dashboard – View your stats
  • Orders – View all orders made to you from buyers and the status
  • Items For Sale – View all your items, modify etc.
  • Add Item – Add an item to your garage page. Upload pictures, description etc.

Garage Settings

  • General – Your pages name and info
  • Payments – You can use this to have customers pay you by Paypal
  • Front Page – Customize your garage page!
  • Shipping – Please use one of the online shipping calculators below. Enter your package info and address. Use this quote info to create an invoice inside of PayPal and send it to your buyers email address.

Payment Process

You will take care of payment between yourself and buyers that visit your garage.


Provided below are links to shipping calculators:

If you need to ship orders use your PayPal account to send a shipping invoice to your customers!