Sherman Antique Costume Jewelry

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Sherman Signed Antique Costume Jewellery

Sherman Antique Costume Jewellery all four pieces Necklace, Earrings to match and a brooch.

$250.00 trade dollars:100% trade, shipping and handling at the expense of the buyer

When you think of North American costume-jewelry centers, glamorous cities like New York, L.A., and Chicago probably come to mind. But one of the top-notch costume jewelers in the 1950s was actually located in Montreal, Canada. Gustave Sherman’s Jewish parents immigrated to Canada to escape persecution in Eastern Europe. Once in Montreal, young Gustave took a job as a jewelry salesman, which sparked his interest in the trade. By the 1950s, Sherman had established himself as Canada’s foremost costume jeweler, and his work was starting to appear on runways in Paris and New York.

Sherman, whose slogan was “made to last a lifetime,” demanded the highest level of quality in workmanship and material. Check out the Sherman Jewellery on Ebay.

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