Hoyt/Easton 2 Jr Compound Bow

by TradeWins BIZPaye - TWBP




Right-handed Hoyt/Easton Rambo 2 JR. compound bow in black color, bow is in good condition with some wear marks. The bow is the smaller version of the Hoyt Spectra bow used in Rambo 2 movie. Approximate Rambo JR. bow specs; Bow length 40″, Draw length 20-22″, Draw weight 25-35#, String length 34″, bow specs may very after time.
great for the collector, Rambo fan or a starter bow for the youth with adult supervision.

Comes complete with leather bow case. Shooting Glove and 2 armguards  No arrows

Shipping and handling at the buyers expense. Ask for a quote.

TradeWins BIZPaye - TWBP